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Press Release – A Passion to Inspire

Taste Restaurant Sample Dishes

A very Special event at Leicester College – supported by people – employers – companies and organisations that really care about our Industries future

A lecturer starts a new culinary adventure at a college that he hopes to develop and inspire – and take all the learners on an educational path forward and upwards

 The goal was Leicester College and an exciting start until March 2020 – then no industry contacts – no employer site visits no farm / produce site visits – indeed this period was not great for anybody in education or the hospitality industry or a learner or employee

A call came into “A Passion to Inspire “can you help – inspire our learners – and introduce the college to local Great Employers to help motivate and inspire our learners and help then have a career path in Hospitality.

We all need to Support our local Colleges and not just support and inspire the learners but the lecturers – and build that trust and support network between education and Industry.

I know we are all busy and trying to keep positive – an invite was sent out to a few Passion friends and instantly – Alan Paton and John Jackaman – both said yes we will support ( and John added his whole kitchen team from ICE – bless ) – Great Menu Below – and With A Passion to Inspire – we support all aspects of hospitality – so we had the GM from MJP restaurants Bradley Dorrington coming to support the front of house learners for service and the wonderful people at Hallgarten & Novum Wines – especially Ed – who formatted the wine matches and before service all the learners and Lecturers had a full run through of the whole menu and service

Through A Passion to Inspire   – local employers  were also Invited to have a special Chefs/ Employers Table – and we had some brilliant local employers  Kwoklyn Wan , Keith , Restaurant 263, Salvatore Tassari , LCFC ,  MJP Restaurants ,Stoke By Nayland Resort,  Kyle Lawrence Midshire – Samworth Butchers   and other great employers who will commit to other forms of engagement to help in the future Daniel Jimminson – Hammer and Pincers – David and Brett The Gm Ragdale Hall – Martin Allen Rushton Hall Aaron Paterson Hambleton Hall – Stapleford Park and Kilworth House , Harry Gurney – Tap and Run – Thank you all so Much and Nationally we all need to go that extra Mile to help our  Industries future and growth .

Also a massive thanks to all the guests – we were planning for 45 Guests – and when we released The Event – the support was magic and now 68 – and what a great evening we had – fantastic food – but more importantly – now highly motivated learners and lecturers – take care and be safe 😊


Brown crab mousse on toasted focaccia with lemon curd / pickled heirloom tomato on focaccia with onion ash

Rougham venison carpaccio with venison wine gum and juniper /

Curried cauliflower, toasted cumin seeds and golden raisin soaked in cinnamon and vanilla syrup (V)

Compressed watermelon with soy (V)



Duck confit hash, duck egg yolk ravioli and white truffle oil

Wine – Gavi del Commune di Gavi, Piedmont, Italy



Aspall’s cyder braised pork belly, black pudding and loin Wellington, confit shin, fermented cabbage, cranberry and juniper braised cheek, toffee apple crackling, beetroot mash

Wine – Vino de Montaña, Sierra de Gredos, Spain



Pear and blue cheese sorbet



Smoked pork fat apple crumble with LN2 bacon jam ice cream

Apple crumble with LN2 Vanilla ice cream

Wine – Côteaux du Layon, Loire, France


Petit Fours

Nougat of pistachio and cherry

Miso white chocolate truffle

Caramel delice with smoked Maldon salt

Blackcurrant pastil

Limoncello meringue cocktail

Daniel Murphy – Lecturer – “It is humbling to see all these amazing chefs and food service professionals come together and help support our students in their journey. We cannot thank them all enough. Our students were truly inspired by the event. They got to see new things that ordinarily we wouldn’t be able to do at college, like the liquid nitrogen for example. Not only was it a great experience for our students but all the staff involved enjoyed it too and learnt a few things along the way “

Phoebe Timms – Student – “This was a great experience for us, I got to try and learn new things that I wouldn’t normally have done. It was great to interact with these amazing industry professionals. We really appreciate the time and effort from all involved “

Corey Swanson- Student – “I enjoyed butchering the Muntjac deer, as it’s something I would never have thought about doing and have never done it before. It was great to learn from other chefs “

Bradley Dorrington – General Manager MJP Restaurant “It was a pleasure to work and develop the students at Leicester College. Not only to develop their skills but hopefully attract more employer engagement. This only can benefit their education but also our future stars within the industry. Thank you to the college for having us and I hope to see the students & lecturers again soon “

Partner List – “A Passion to Inspire “- Hallgarten & Novum Wines, Stoke By Nayland Resort, Infusions Group, The Craft Guild of Chefs, First Contact Chefs and a special note to all the team from   Ice – Team – Kieran  Hassel – Canapes , JJ and Barney O’Connell – Starter, Pre- dessert and Dessert ,  Erin Rollinson  and Fern Donovan – Petit fours

Note – Great Photos from Adam Jamal – Marketing at Leicester College For further information on Passion to Inspire – please contact Murray on and look up


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